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Things to be Considered When Buying a Rack Cabinet

Number of Shelf Units You Need

When purchasing a server cabinet, you should first determine the shelf unit usage that best suits your needs. Rack unit is a standard for measuring rack mount equipment. One rack unit is 1.75 inches or 44.45 mm high. A rack unit is also called "1U". As Tekniksat Cabinet, we offer solutions from 16U to 46U height. We also produce special sizes according to demand.

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Dimensions and Fit

Choosing a server rack with enough internal space to accommodate your existing equipment and enough space to accommodate the planned future expansion is probably the first and foremost requirement. Note that space may be required for accessories such as environmental monitoring devices, sensors, remote power management devices, rack-mounted LCD monitors, and battery backup.

In terms of layout, a well-planned cabinet is the first piece of data center efficiency puzzle. To create an easily manageable and agile rack, cable requirements, direction and interconnections must be addressed with adjustable profiles. Our advice is to uncover this and base your shelf purchase on this design. Sending a Visio, CAD, or even a simple drawing to an expert will save time, as the design can be built around your needs for this specification and budget.

Find the equipment you want to host in your server cabinet to determine which dimensions are right for your space. Get extra cabinet space for both front and rear for future expansions; Add 10 percent more space as a rule, because rack units cannot be adjusted when you purchase a server cabinet. Also, keep in mind that outside dimensions must be able to pass through doors, stairs and conform to your building's other opening regulations.


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