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Tekniksat Cabinet is subsidiary of Tekniksat Group Company.

Tekniksat Group
Tekniksat Metal


With our experienced team we are able to see problems even before they exist 


With knowhow of our R&D team it is easy for us to do your custom needs. 


With Fully autonomous powder coating, CNC lazer Cutting high tech facility we are able to use the lastest technology.


Tekniksat Elektrik Elektromekanik A.S  is a manufacturer of Rack Cabinet and accessories with the highest level of knowledge in Turkey. It was established in 2016 by a team that leads the sector with its experience of 20 years in order to develop and market innovative, ergonomic, economic and functional products.It is a professional solution partner with its 19” Rack Cabinets and accessories,Telecom Field Cabinets (indoor/outdoor), Server and Datacenter Cabinets and a wide of further products for IT sector. It introduces a new concept in the sector thanks to its affordable and practical high-quality products designed according to the ever-changing market conditions and customer requirements.
With the state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and experienced management staff and workers, high-quality products are manufactured with high capacities in the production facilities which were established in an enclosed area of 5.000 sqm at İstanbul-Turkey in 2016.The ERP system is implemented in all processes and the entire system is monitored faultlessly. Lean production means and tools are used in production lines and continuous improvement is achieved with Process Approach. Tekniksat Elektrik Elektromekanik A.S products and service are certified to Quality Assurance System TS EN ISO 9001. Environmental awareness is prioritized.It has a production capacity of 1000 pieces/day.

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