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Surface Mounted Fuse Distribution Board

An efficient cost with easy installation feature
Network designed to create the index
distribution is boards.

Low delivery due to smart design and packaging
costs and low storage costs

Each panel is cylindrical single point as standard
Lockable metal front with locking '' O '' lock
It is presented in the form of a door.

• Main Body, lower - upper part, with twisting
It was created by boiling.
Multi-twisted body and welding load carrying and
Provides extra strength against external impacts.
• Structure of the lid, with multiple twists and folds
reinforcement in terms of solidity and flatness
Has been hurt.
• Base plate (Mounting plate) - galvanized sheet-
(including 500 mm)
Wall mounting brackets, without deformation
against high volume loads
Provides transport.

Surface Mounted Fuse Distribution Board

  • Dimensions

    Height (U) Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Net Product Weight (gr)
    400x600 150x200x250 420x620x170 9.000
    500x600 150x200x250 520x620x170 9.800
    600x600 150x200x250 620x620x170        -


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