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Network/Server cabinets have quality and value added in the most optimal way. Parallel to the high performance and quality of its network applications, fully automatic industrial infrastructure and design creates an unbelievable price index and offers the customer what they want.

• 19’’ Standing type modular rack cabinet
• All stell construction
• Ergonomic design
• Carrying frame is steel construction with 1.5mm thickness
• Openable and lockable side and back covers
• Adjustable rack mounting brackets at the desired level
• 800 kg carrying capacity
• Easy assembling
• An optional fan unit can be installed in the ceiling
• The front door is supported by 4 mm tempered glass and sheet frame
• Lower and upper cable entries
• Standart colors RAL 9005, 7035 and 7032
• Dismounted at freight costs: %50 savings, convenient price

Completely standard and stocked product portfolio is shipped pre- assembled and disassembled. The height adjustment foot is not included in the dispatch configuration.

It offered with the quality of to meet all user’s demands and various accessory option and most suitable for height usage area.

600x600 mm 19" Free Standing Type Rack Cabinet

  • Dimensions

    Height (U) Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Net Product Weight (gr)
    16U 600x600x885 620X620X905 32.000
    20U 600x600x1066 620x620x1086 40.000
    22U 600x600x1155 620x620x1175 44.000
    26U 600x600x1333 620x620x1353 52.000
    32U 600x600x1600 620x620x1620 64.000
    36U 600x600x1780 620x620x1800 72.000
    42U 600x600x2045 620x620x206 84.000
    44U 600x600x2130 620x620x2150 88.000


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