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1: Single skin panels are used in indoor and outdoor environments. It can be connected to wall, pole and floor. Can be used with 19 'accessories.

2: For high strength, metal material is welded to form a solid body.

3: Information on full compatibility with edge bends and cover gasket.

4: Narrow side bends provide more room for interior assembly.

5: IP65 Protection against dust and water.

6: Mechanical resistance against external impacts is high.

7: Suitable for 500 hours of salt test resistance, Phosphate coating and RAL 7035 rough paint application in 70-90 micron thickness.

8: Provides high resistance against chemicals.

9: Reinforced with multiple folded bends for high strength.

10: There is a single lock on the cover, depending on the size, and the cover can be made suitable for reverse opening if desired.

11: Hinges made of Zamak material have high corrosion resistance.

12: There is a sealing gasket on the cover.

13: Usage of cable in varying sizes according to the panel size at the bottom.

600x450 Single Wall Panel Case

  • Dimensions

    Height (U) Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Desi
    7U 600x450x420 38
    9U 600x450x555 50
    12U 600x450x688 62
    16U 600x450x821 74
    20U 600x450x1070 96


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