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Product Features

The developed IP65 external type cabinets are designed to provide the structure of the passive screw system which is suitable for the modular joining structure with aluminum construction, double-walled, specially designed tensile profile structure and resistant to bending.

Protects your devices against external influences with high corrosion resistance.

The size and design of the external type cabinet is determined according to the project requirement. It is fixed in place from the holes located at the four corners of the base at the bottom of the cabinet. Template is used if desired for fixing.

180 ° openable doors, three-point lock or stainless steel lock mechanism is used. Openable doors can be front, side or rear depending on cabinet design.

IP65 - water and dust tightness. Cable entry: Located on the bottom of the cabinet, if not desired. Cooling unit: The following solutions are applied according to the desired temperature value; filter fan, heat exchanger, air conditioning front door or side panel.

600x450 19" Double İnsulation Enclosures

  • Dimensions

    Height (U) Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) Desi
    7U 600x450x420 38
    9U 600x450x555 50
    12U 600x450x688 62
    16U 600x450x821 74
    20U 600x450x1070 96


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